It was a rainy, dreary afternoon in Charleston but I desperately needed some “me time.” Something that has always helped me feel rejuvenated and filled with gratitude for my city is taking advantage of the hidden gems throughout Charleston. I’ve been wanting to check out Under the Almond Trees ever since I first heard about it right after I had Hudson. It’s located on the corner of King Street and Horlbeck Alley with parking right behind it on the alley (like finding gold when shopping downtown!). It did not disappoint with three stories of well organized clothes, bath toys, sleep sacs, and all the things you didn’t even know you needed. Would highly recommend! 

About a block away, I stopped by Buxton Books for a blind date…with a book. How cool is that?! They have a section of books that are covered in brown paper with a small synopsis written on the front. I chose a biography which doesn’t sound too exciting but not knowing the title was enough excitement for me. I ended my leisurely afternoon at Highfalutin Coffee so I could get some work done in a relaxing setting while sipping on my espresso tonic. (Spoiler: it was soooo good!) It’s a summer special and is a mixture of espresso, Pellegrino, and grapefruit. 

I pride myself on being a Charleston local hence why Mom and I decided on “Charlestonian Real Estate Team” but I don’t enjoy all that our city offers nearly enough. There is so much to do and so much to explore. I plan to embrace it all and share my thoughts along the way.